Brexit Reality Portraits

Project leader: Alexiane Terrochaire-Barbançon

Press Article:

Through video and audio interviews, Brexit Reality Portraits (BRP) aims to showcase the true impact of Brexit to people across the UK and the European Union.

Our interviews with people of all walks of life will be available below as they are uploaded. Please take a look!

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Portrait 1: Ekaterina

Ekaterina, one of our team members, speaks about her shock when Brexit was announced. She also draws some parallels between entering the EU vs. leaving the EU, and how citizens react to that.

Portrait 2: Jacob

Jacob, a British citizen, tells us of Brexit has affected him, including its impact on his university studies and on the music industry.

Portrait 3: Robin

How does Brexit affect EU-UK citizens’ life, outside the UK’s borders? Find out by listening to Robin’s interview, a Franco-British citizen, where we also speak about the EU’s construction and the notion of identity.

Portrait 4: Anne

A UK citizen living in Italy, Anne talks about what being a part of the EU meant for her and her family.

Portrait 5: Christine

Check out how Brexit has affected her life, and her business! You will learn about how Brexit put an end to all the European educational projects notably. This is also a very emotional portrait, given that Christine shares anecdotes with regards to Europe and the UK’s past with us.