Erasmus Plus Alliance

The Erasmus+ Programme is an incredible opportunity for young people across the Europe. Before and after the EU referendum we were repeatedly assured the UK’s place in the programme was not under threat, but the government was determined to leave. We are partnering with other organisations that see this decision as unnecessary and counterproductive to campaign to preserve the opportunities young people deserve. Read more ⟶

Democracy Under Pressure

Those who set out to establish what would become today’s European Union were clear in their belief that it would be a means of maintaining peace across the continent, with democracy at its heart. We share this belief and want to raise awareness about the weakening of such democratic values within Europe.
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YEM putting youth voices first, partnering with major national-level youth organisation supporting young people and showcasing best practices from across Europe.
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Discover EU

DiscoverEU is an action of the Erasmus+ programme that gives you the opportunity to discover Europe through learning experiences. YEM aims to promote opportunities to explore Europe and share more knowledge about the continent we call home.
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YEM’s Green-UP Europe campaign works at the heart of climate advocacy and empowering young people to take action against the climate crisis. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we seek to increase youth engagement to protect and restore ecosystems.
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Proportional Representation

Who wants proportional representation? Well, millions of people want their votes to matter – they believe that the share of seats a party gets should closely reflect the share of votes they get. Many organisations and public figures agree and support the movement for equal votes, including those below.
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