What do we stand for?

We are the Young European Movement

Fighting for a free, prosperous, united Europe since 1972

Climate change, Covid recovery, the refugee crisis, cost of living

Our world’s challenges are too great for any country to face alone.

That’s why we believe young people with shared interests need to work together across borders. In Europe, that means coming together to fight for climate action, to demand fair treatment for asylum seekers, and to expand opportunity for all.

We believe these problems can only be solved by working together.

Bring back Erasmus+

Our campaign to protect the international opportunities of every young person in the UK

The government promised Britain’s place in the Erasmus+ programme was safe – but young Brits have lost the opportunity to live, learn and work in Europe and beyond. We’re working with organisations that see this decision as unnecessary and counterproductive to protect those opportunities for every young person in the UK.

Road to COP26

Climate change is an international problem – we can only stop it together

Time is running out to save our planet, but for many politicians, climate change isn’t high on the agenda. Together with our partner organisations, we’re campaigning to ensure the voices of young people are heard at COP26.