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Brexit Carnage News

Brexit Carnage News – the place to go for all things Brexit – is a live news stream designed to draw attention to the damage that leaving the EU is doing both to the UK’s economy and its global political influence.

We encourage you to visit the site and to sign up for regular email updates containing the latest local, national and international press stories. Otherwise, you can follow the live feed here for the latest.

Who are we?

YEM UK is the home for the UK’s young pro-European activists. We are the product of two parent organisations: the youth section of the European Movement (EM) and the UK section of JEF Europe.

EM promotes the European project across the UK, and we operate as its youth section; open to all those aged under 35.

Through JEF, we work closely with our European counterparts, organising exchanges and joint events, and our members have access to JEF’s countless events including seminars, campaign tours, trips, workshops, and other international projects.

We have a number of local UK branches – including university societies – and are part of a Europe-wide network of political activists:

Why YEM exists

Although the United Kingdom has sadly left the European Union, our relationship with the EU remains important and so our work continues. We continue to maintain a connection with the EU, to make a case for the European project, and emphasise the UK’s role on the continent.

In line with this, we carry out activism for campaigns that we believe in. We advocate for policies to make Europe stronger and more democratic. And we provide a community for like-minded individuals to meet each other and learn about new ideas and perspectives — and work together to create a better Europe.

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