Beyond 2022

The Beyond 2022 campaign aims to bring the discourse on the future of Europe to young people in the UK. The campaign will begin with a launch event in London in February, after which YEM branches will have the opportunity to coordinate with each other a series of local events where young people can debate their vision of the EU’s future.

This will culminate in a final event where speakers will discuss federalism in the UK and Europe, and what the future could hold for the EU’s political structure. This is an opportunity for YEM to take charge of the discourse on Europe among youth organisations in the UK, as well as bring up the topic of European integration from a pan-European perspective.

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Concept note | YEM UK |

Beyond 2022: YEM’s contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe

When: Launch event on weekend of 18-20 March. Satellite events through to April 2022

Where: Launch event starting at 16:30 at Europe House (Fri 18th) and King’s College London (Sat 19th – Sun 20th). Ending at 5pm on Sunday 20th.

See the full BYND 22 concept note here.


  • With this campaign – Beyond 2022 – we want to bring the pro-EU conversation to UK youth, to mobilise young people to talk about the EU and the UK’s place in it as – in our eyes – this is not a topic which is dominated by young people.
  • Where the EU has made 2022 the European Year of Youth and is launching citizen consultations all over the continent in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe, young people need more ways into politics and BEYOND 2022 will – we hope – help UK youth to be heard.
  • In the longer term, we also want to deliver a policy output which will identify the most effective ways to reach-out and engage young people with the future of Europe and the EU.


  • Through a series of social media stunts, a large-scale launch event in London at Europe House on the weekend of 18th – 20th March, and satellite events in Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham (which are tbc and will in-part be planned at the launch event) with YEM UK branches – in partnership with other civil society and youth organisations, we are working to make YEM UK the strong pro-European campaigning force that young people in the UK need and deserve.
  • At the launch event we will be having a panel discussion and book launch with academic experts on European politics, a writing workshop with Bylines Network, along with our AGM, and we’re in talks with Make Votes Matter and other partners for the remaining part of the itinerary. We’ll be closing the weekend with a stunt for our Democracy Under Pressure campaign. The final details of the itinerary are being ironed-out over the next week.
  • Mobilising the remaining YEM members;
  • Recruiting new members willing to help organise the conference, through the communication with the partner organisations and university political societies;
  • Selecting speakers willing to engage with young people in an attractive, non patronising way;
  • Communicating on the event: social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Facebook groups of the University, emailing the University, on the campus (flyers, posters, in lecture halls and classrooms)

Confirmed Partners:

  • European Parliament
  • Yannis Karamatsios 
  • Bylines Network
  • EM
  • Federal Trust
  • The3Million
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • BRIG (for Birmingham event. TBC)