Meet the Team

The Board

The YEM UK Board is elected by our members annually. The Board drives the growth of the movement. It oversees the administration of our organisation, co-ordinates campaigns, forges partnerships with other organisations, and supports our branches.

Executive Board

Julius Lajtha

Julius has been a fighter for the European cause since the age of 15 on various fronts and with various organisations.
Austrian-born, with roots in Germany and Hungary and studying Politics, IR, and law in Aberdeen, he feels strongly European and wants to spread that feeling to many more young people in the country with YEM UK.

International Officer
Vice President
Martin Penov

Martin is a young Bulgarian student committed to strengthening the UK’s links with Europe. He is currently studying Politics & International Relations at the University of Manchester, where he has also launched a local YEM Manchester branch. Throughout the past year, Martin has focused on expanding YEM’s network and campaigning for youth representation, European migrants’ rights and democracy in Eastern Europe. As International Officer, he aims to maintain YEM UK’s links with the JEF network across the continent and give its members opportunities to get involved in European activism.

Policy Officer
Lara Lorenzo Cisneros

Lara is a European undergraduate from Spain. She is studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Manchester, where she has recently participated in fundraising campaigns in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Lara is a coffee lover and is always happy to share ideas and discuss current topics, especially regarding environmental politics and sustainable development!

Financial Officer
Klajdi Selimi

Based in London, Klajdi is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in European Studies from the University of Essex. He has a passion for British and European politics and has been involved in these fields for four years. Recently, he has worked with human rights organisations and with the Uyghur tribunal.

Communications Officer

Viktoria originates from Bulgaria and has been living in the UK for the past eight years. Currently she is undertaking her bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester. There she has been involved in multiple fundraising campaigns for humanitarian causes and is actively involved in international communities. Passionate about European politics, Viktoria is a self-driven advocate for human rights and European values.

Branches Officer
Marco Andrea Amadei Mönch

Marco is passionate about European politics and economics, which is reflected in his degree at the University of Manchester in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Spanish-born but with roots in Argentina, studying PPE in Manchester, he believes projects like the EU or MERCOSUR are signs of progress towards a more coordinated and united world. Through his work with YEM, Marco aims to expand the size of each branch around the United Kingdom and improve coordination between branches to expand the national organisation by organising events about current events, such as the Ukrainian crisis and Climate Change.

Non-Executive Board

Podcast Officer
Alexiane Terrochaire-Barbançon

Alexiane originates from France and is studying European Affairs at the LSE. Also the President of YEM London, her top priority is to reconnect YEM to our European counterparts.
Alexiane loves cats, and is always up for a nice coffee session to discuss Europe or life in general!

Civic Education Officer
Malina Aniol

Malina is currently finishing an undergraduate PPE degree at King’s College London. Thus, even though she’d love to say she’s an avid reader, at the moment, you are more likely to find her analysing data rather than with a book in her hand or strolling through a bookshop (usually her favourite thing to do). Apart from writing university assignments, she loves writing anything from poems to journalistic articles, as well as working as an editor for journals. She believes that civic education is one of the most underrated issues of our time – without good civic education, no grand and sustained political change is possible. Malina therefore hopes that as YEM we can contribute to making a change in the UK by providing civic education workshops and advocating for prioritising quality civic education in the curriculum.

YEM Staff

The Board’s work is not just supported by our members, but also by our team of staff.

Youth Coordinator (YEM & EM UK)
Michael Anderson

Originating from the UK and born in Essex, Michael is based in London as our Youth Engagement Manager. He has a BA in History from University of Southampton and an MSc in Global Environmental Politics & Policy from Birkbeck College, University of London.

With years of experience working both in the sustainability sector and as a policy researcher for the grassroots organisation Labour for a Green New Deal, Michael is with us to fight for a stronger, and more democratic, Europe.
He has spent time living in Argentina and Australia, and is also an active musician, writer, community organiser and the Climate Crisis Editor for A News Education.

Erasmus Intern and Climate Officer
Sofie Hajer

Sofie originates from the Netherlands and during her participation with YEM she is motivated to share the importance of a strong relationship between the UK and the EU, with a specific focus on the Erasmus+ programme. With a particular interest in sustainability and governance, and soon to graduate with a BA in European Studies, Sofie hopes to improve youth participation in European issues and support the continued reintegration of the UK in European policy matters following Brexit. As well as being interested in European political issues, Sofie volunteers for a variety of sustainable initiatives. Being very sporty and an animal lover, Sofie loves her kitten, Billy Bob.