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Shriya Bajpai


Cecilia Jastrzembska


Willow Fisher



YEM UK welcomes all contributions – members, non-members and representatives of external organisations, are all encouraged to share their work.

All submissions must be emailed to comms@yem.org.uk (Shriya)
cc’ing events@yem.org.uk (Cecilia) and campaigns@yem.org.uk (Willow)

Subject line : “Newsletter Submission – ‘name of the article’ by ‘author’”

Please include a professional headshot and a short bio, including your involvement in YEM if applicable.

We encourage you to post your publication(s), if successful, on LinkedIn and other social media. Getting published is something to be proud of!

Content Guidelines

  • Submissions must not not be longer than 1000 words per article.
  • All quotes must have approval of the person quoted, ditto photos.
  • All pieces represent your personal views and not the views of the Young European Movement UK.
  • Publication is at Editors’ discretion. We will do our best to ensure you publish with us through review but we cannot guarantee this. Editors’ decisions are final.
  • Refrain from endorsing any political parties or candidates for any elections.
  • If other political organisations are mentioned by name in a positive or negative light, the YEM board will collectively decide if we consider it appropriate, and may ask you to adjust or remove relevant sections of your article.
    If you have been published before it is your responsibility to send us your previous pieces so that we may do our due diligence.
  • Do not plagiarise anyone else’s work.
  • Ensure you hyperlink to all pieces you reference. This will serve effectively as a bibliography.
  • Substantiate your claims; avoid sweeping generalisations and ensure your data, surveys, papers you use to do so are contemporary and referenced.
  • Refrain from personal attacks or harassment in pieces – individuals may be mentioned, but strictly in reference to their political/professional roles.
  • Sensitive or controversial topics may require YEM board approval before publication.

We will unfortunately not be able to consider submissions that fail to comply with the submission protocol and guidelines listed above.

Editors’ Note:

  1. Editing is a constructive process. We will do our best to keep your piece as close to the original as possible but bear in mind that there are good reasons for our suggestions and that we want your pieces to be a) of a consistent format with others and b) the best it possibly can be.
  2. We are all volunteers and both our team members have full time jobs as well as responsibilities on the board of YEM UK, alongside others. We appreciate your patience, and will get back to you as soon as we can.

For further queries, feel free to write to us at comms@yem.org.uk

Thank you for your cooperation with the above and we look forward to getting you published!

Warm wishes,
Shriya, Cecilia and Willow.