YEM UK Branch Leads


Anna Vepsäläinen

Anna is President of the Aberdeen branch of Young Europeans. She’s from Finland but moved to Scotland nearly four years ago for university, where she is studying business management and politics, and has fallen in love with the country!

She loves being out in nature and Scotland’s amazing countryside, especially the mountains and lochs. She’s been a part of Young Europeans since her second year at university, and is very pleased about being a part of keeping the EU spirit alive in the UK!


Roberto Baccarini & Liza Seewald

Roberto Baccarini is from Italy and is doing a MPhil/PhD in European Politics, and Liza Seewald, who grew up in Poland and Germany, is studying Law.

They are both passionate Europeans and keen on keeping the European spirit alive while studying at Exeter in the UK. For this reason they are starting a YEM branch there. If you are interested and want to take part, contact us!

Roberto Baccarini: roby.bacca@hotmail.comLiza Seewald:


Jette Steder & Ascher Zopf

During her undergraduate studies in Münster, Jette (25) has been a member of JEF for the past five years and took part in many discussions, conferences, campaigns and trips. She recently moved to London for her Masters and, together with Ascher, took over the presidency of YEM London.

Her motivation is to keep YEM London a platform for open and respectful political discussions and to provide a space where everyone can get involved and be supported with their ideas. When she is not involved with her studies or YEM, you might spot her going for a run in Hyde Park or rowing on the Thames.



Marion Beaulieu & Dominic McGinley

Originating from France, Marion is reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford. Along with Dominic, she started a local branch of YEM in Oxford, in the hope of engaging young people in the EU and especially in the fight against Brexit.

Dominic is a Scottish undergraduate reading Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford, and one of the founding members of YEM Oxford. He also sits on the Executive Committee of the European Movement in Scotland.